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Affiliation: affie
Past Affiliations: other
Rank: rank
Family: Mother:Blah, Father:Bang
Mentor(s): mentor
Apprentices: apprentice
Status: alive or dead
Roleplayed By: username123
Yat- A mediumhaired dark brown tom with green eyes and black paws. He has a chain that is wrapped somewhat tightly aroud his neck by his previous owner. It has a charm of a cross on it.


Yat comes to the Baltic territory by foot from Russia with Vadas, Shodn, Lak, Ivan, Nik, Uchen, Mir, Doz, Kane, and Prevo. He is very loyal to Vadas, repoting to him daily about anything suspicious. Yat also believes that fighting will get you nowhere, but he fights out of loyalty to Vadas. He is very knowledgeable and can speak badger and fox, as well as dog.