Vadas' Group- is a group of Russian rouges who are travelling to the Baltic territory to find a new life.


Leader: Vadas- A collosal golden tom with black paws on spots on his back, with blue eyes. He wears a green rope with a cross on it around his neck. RPed by Nightwhisker98

Deputy: Ivan- A large tan tom with darker stripes and violet eyes. He wears a white scarf he never takes off. RPed by Nightfall101


Yat- A brown tom with black paws and green eyes. He has a chain with a cross on it around his neck. (Needs a RPer)

Prevo- A shorthaired black tom with dusty brown eyes and white legs, black paws, a white patch on his chest, and a white tail tip. He has a chain around his left 'wrist' With a small charm of a pen on it. (Needs a RPer)

Lak- A big, muscular dark brown tabby tom with black paws and a cream chest, muzzle, and tail tip, with soft brown eyes. RPed By Bluestar.

Doz- A thick-furred dark brown tom with light brown eyes. He wears a small ring on his left ear. (Needs a RPer)

Young Warriors:

Uchen- A longhaired light yellow tom with sea green eyes and light tan paws. RPed by Moonpelt.

Shodn- A small, messy furred, golden tom with violet eyes. The son of Vadas, he does not like his father, and wears fingerless gloves given to him by his old owners after his mother's death. RPed by Nightwhisker98.

Mir- A longhaired black tom with amber eyes and bandages wraped around his arms and legs. he wears a blood red band around his arm given to him by his old owner. RPed by Darkcloud.

Kane- A black tom with white legs and dark brown eyes. A chain with a sword charm that was given to him by his previous owners lays loosly around his neck. RPed by Nightwhisker98.

Nik- A long haired light brown tom with blue-green eyes that are usually covered by fur, and darker legs. RPed by Maplefrost.

Krov- A thin black she-cat with midnight blue eyes and red paws and tail tip. RPed by Darkcloud.

Foxy -A beautiful, slender, flame-colored tabby she-cat with fiery green eyes. She has a lighter spot of fur on her chest. RPed by Hawkfire98.