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Affiliation: MountainClan
Past Affiliations: Kittypet, Vadas' Group
Rank: Leader
Family: None Known
Mentor(s): Unknown
Apprentices: Unknown
Status: Living
Roleplayed By: Nightfall

Ivan is a large, lithe tan tom with voilet eyes. He wears a white scarf that was given to him by his old owners. RPed by Nightfall.


Ivan comes to the Baltic territory by foot from Russia with Vadas, Shodn, Lak, Prevo, Nik, Uchen, Mir, Doz, Kane, and Yat. He is usually made happy by tragic things and occurances. He hates the cold, and wishes to be in a sunny place filled with flowers, but has never revealed this dream to anyone. He hides his real emotions from everyone, afraid of being called a wimp.
When MountainClan is formed, Ivan leaves Vadas along with Shodn's Group to join it. Shodn then asks him to lead it, and he agrees, taking the name of Sandstar.