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Affiliation: affie
Past Affiliations: other
Rank: rank
Family: Mother:Blah, Father:Bang
Mentor(s): mentor
Apprentices: apprentice
Status: alive or dead
Roleplayed By: username123
Nik- A long haired light brown tom with blue-green eyes that are usually covered by fur, and darker legs. Needs a RPer.


Nik comes to the Baltic territory by foot from Russia with Vadas, Shodn, Lak, Ivan, Prevo, Uchen, Mir, Doz, Kane, and Yat. Nik is quiet and secluded from all of the Elite 10 members but Uchen, Shodn, Mir, and Kane. He is not that great at fighting, and gets laughed at for being beaten by Vadas multiple times. He has tried to pitch escape plans to Uchen, Shodn, Mir, and Kane, but to no avail.