MountainClan- is a clan of cats that lives in a large hollow. They hunt in forests and on moors. They share a border with Vadas' Group.


Leader: Sandstar - a large, lithe tan tom with voilet eyes. He wears a white scarf that was given to him by his old owners. RPed by Nightfall.

Deputy: Sunclaw - a small, messy furred, golden tom with violet eyes. He wears fingerless gloves given to him by his old owners after his mother's death. RPed by Nightwhisker98.


Crowheart - a black tom with white legs and dark brown eyes. A chain with a sword charm that was given to him by his previous owners lays loosly around his neck. RPed by Nightwhisker98.

Lionflame - a longhaired light yellow tom with sea green eyes and light tan paws. RPed by Moonpelt1786.

Foxheart -a pretty, flame-ginger tabby she-cat with fiery green eyes, and a lighter spot of fur on her chest.RPed by Hawkfire98.