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Affiliation: MoutainClan
Past Affiliations: Vadas' Group
Rank: Warrior
Family: None known
Mentor(s): Unknown
Apprentices: Unknown
Status: Living
Roleplayed By: Hawkfire98

Foxheart is a pretty, flame-ginger tabby she-cat with fiery green eyes, and a lighter spot of fur on her chest.


Sarcastic, stubborn, fiesty. She's very loyal and fierce.


Foxy is a young warrior of Vadas' Group.
Foxy is from America, therefore, she doesn't have a Russian accent, nor Russian blood. As a kitten, Foxy's owner brought her to Russia on a plane to visit some relatives. But Foxy was left in the house alone after the owner and her relatives went to dinner, and she was scared and angry. Foxy tore her way through the wall, finding a hole in it, and off by herself into the open city. She meets Vadas and his group, and he asks her to join. She accepts the offer.
She breaks up a fight between Shodn and William, and Shodn starts to flirt with her. Foxy tells him that he can flirt with a brick, then, because he'll get the same response.
When MoutainClan is formed, she joins, becoming Foxheart.



None known.