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Affiliation: MountainClan
Past Affiliations: Kittypet, Shodn's Group
Rank: Warrior
Family: Mother:Blah, Father:Bang
Mentor(s): mentor
Apprentices: apprentice
Status: Living
Roleplayed By: Nighty98
Crowheart- A black tom with white legs and dark brown eyes. A chain with a sword charm that was given to him by his previous owners lays loosly around his neck. RPed by Nighty98.


Kane comes to the Baltic territory by foot from Russia with Vadas, Shodn, Lak, Ivan, Nik, Uchen, Mir, Doz, Prevo, and Yat. Kane is a sleepy young tom who only wakes up from his famous "Kane naps" to either fight or hunt. He is rarely shown to be awake during the day, but is wide awake at night. Most of his teammates call him nocturnal. He wishes he owned a sword like the one on his chain, but Vadas says he can never get one, and he is teased by the other Elite 10 members for having a 'stupid' dream. Shodn, Mir, Nik, and Uchen are also his best friends, and never tease him. Shodn thinks that Kane should own a sword, because he deserves it.

When MountainClan is formed, he joins, becaoming Crowheart. He is shown to like a she-cat in the clan, Rosetail.